See the new direction for America: from elections to lotteries


This is the way to heal our divide and turn things around. And you’ll get to see it through a first-of-its-kind documentary 
Goodbye Elections. Hello Democracy.

This is the way to heal our divide and turn things around. And you’ll get to see it through a first-of-its-kind documentary Goodbye Elections. Hello Democracy.

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Democratic lotteries finally put power in the hands of the people

A democratic lottery fairly selects a group of representatives that matches the makeup of the population. It selects from all citizens who meet basic requirements and are willing and able to serve.

We can use democratic lotteries instead of elections to fill legislatures like Congress, and to transform how we choose executives like the President. 

Shifting from elections to lotteries means no campaigns, so this would put an end to parties and politicians.


This is well established but little known

Democratic lotteries have been used thousands of times to call on citizens to develop policy on challenging issues. And they were central to government in Ancient Athens.

But very little video footage of this exists. Until now…

Use of democratic lotteries around the world

Our groundbreaking film will let you see it for yourself

Goodbye Elections. Hello Democracy. will tell the true story of 30 everyday Americans who were selected by lottery to represent the people on one of the most challenging issues.


Our team has decades of expertise & accomplishments

<b>Director</b><br>Adam Cronkright

Adam Cronkright

Finalist for the 2016 Democracy Innovation Award for his work with democratic lotteries

<b>Director & Producer</b><br>George Zisiadis

Director & Producer
George Zisiadis

Award-winning visual artist

<b>Editor</b><br>Eric Frith

Eric Frith

Most recent film was nominated for a 2021 Press Academy Award alongside Dune and King Richard

<b>Assistant Editor</b><br>Leah Andrews

Assistant Editor
Leah Andrews

Assistant editor on dozens of major film productions

<b>Post Supervisor</b><br>Todd Soliday

Post Supervisor
Todd Soliday

Emmy award-winning director, editor, post supervisor, and visual effects artist

<b>Composer</b><br>Bradley Laina

Bradley Laina

Composer for films like “Dirtbag” and “Super Frenchie”, apprentice of the legendary Philip Giffin

We’re in the final stages of production

Frequently Asked Questions

About this new direction for America


A democratic lottery selects from all those who meet basic requirements and are willing and able to serve.


It uses proven polling techniques and three rounds of selection to ensure accurate representation across age, gender, geography, income, and race, and political leaning.

No. A democratic lottery only selects a group of representatives—like for Congress or state legislatures—not individual executives.


But citizens selected by lottery would be empowered to find qualified Presidents, Governors, and Mayors without parties or divisive campaigns.

Calling on expert testimony is a critical part of what representatives are supposed to do.


Because representatives selected by lottery don’t owe their position to any party or donor the way elected politicians do, they’re free to actually listen and learn from subject-matter experts and use that to inform their decision-making.


And just like current members of Congress and state legislatures, they’re supported in their service by knowledgeable staff who assist with crafting the details of policy. The role of the citizens is to represent our different values and priorities as Americans and to make the final call.

Campaign contributions are the #1 way that politicians become corrupted by lobbyists and special interests.


But with a lottery, there are no campaigns. So this inherently prevents the outright buying of influence that elections make so easy to do.


Corruption must always be guarded against and there are also many other advantages that lotteries offer for doing so.

In the past 50 years, there have been over 2,000 uses of democratic lotteries across 116 countries.


Topics that citizen representatives have covered include the economy in the US, community healthcare in the UK, energy generation in South Korea, nuclear waste in Australia, climate change in France, and constitutional change in Ireland and Mongolia among many others. The Economist video below highlights this modern-day resurgence.


When asked, 2/3 of Americans believe that selecting Congress through a democratic lottery would be better than elections.



And this has equal support across the political spectrum.


This data comes from a robust national survey conducted by one of the nation’s most respected polling companies, Survey USA. You can see the full results here.

Democratic lotteries have mostly been written about in academic papers that are inaccessible to the general public. Very little video documentation exists. And democratic lotteries have typically been pigeonholed as simply a niche practice for public engagement, rather than as a way to transform our politics.


That’s what we’re working to change through this film.

Making the shift from elections to democratic lotteries at the highest levels of government will ultimately require federal constitutional change.


An amendment to the Constitution can be adopted through popular ratification if at least a majority of citizens sign in favor. This is because the citizenry is the ultimate sovereign authority in our republic. This was seen in the ratifying of the Constitution itself, which the founders put to the people to bypass the entrenched political interests of their day. An amendment that is popularly ratified would be effective immediately as the law of the land—beyond the constitutional authority of any politician or court.


This film is the first major step in a larger, long-term movement to build the broad and deep popular support necessary for popular ratification.

About the film

The release will be sometime in 2024 and we'll have a better sense of an exact date toward the end of 2023.


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This film is being produced by OF BY FOR, a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to creating government that truly reflects and serves its people.


We do not take stances on substantive issues, we do not support candidates for elected office, and we do not take money with strings attached.


We are an active member of the Democracy R&D network, and our advisors are among the most accomplished experts in the democracy field, including:


  • Lawrence Lessig - Constitutional Scholar - Harvard University
  • Hélène Landemore - Professor of Political Science - Yale University
  • James Fishkin - Director of the Center for Deliberative Democracy - Stanford University
  • Debilyn Molineaux - Co-founder & Executive Director - Bridge Alliance

OF BY FOR is a 501c4 non-profit incorporated in Arizona. EIN 84-2536942.


Our tax returns are viewable in the footer of this website.

As a non-profit, we need the support of people like you to ensure that when the film is ready we can share it with people all across America.


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Goodbye Elections. Hello Democracy. is being produced by OF BY FOR, a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to creating a government that truly reflects and serves its people.

OF BY FOR is a 501c4 non-profit incorporated in Arizona. EIN 84-2536942. 

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